Project Management Fundamentals

This two day course on Project Management Fundamentals is directed to those who are responsible for managing projects or find themselves as members of a project team. This is an entry level course for active project participants and has no pre-requisites.

Course Length: Two Days

Course Description

Fundamentals of Project Management, is a two-day introductory course, that enables new project managers and project team members to deliver successful projects on time, on budget and within scope.  You will maximize your time in this course by having the option of working on components of your own project or a real life case study that is provided. This course will give you further immediate returns on your learning investment by providing you with a detailed work book and project templates to take home.   You will learn about project management from ‘concept to cash’ or from the initial contemplation of a project to the realization of its benefits after successful implementation.  Lastly, you will have access for two full days to an expert in project management that welcomes any question about project management or your particular project issues.
This course is made up of short lectures, multiple exercises, case vignettes, video clips, videos and games.  You are guaranteed not to be bored.

In short, the Project Management Fundamentals course is designed for people who want to maximize their time and increase their return on training investment.