This 5 day program provides participants with practical guidance in how projects are actually managed as well as explaining how these practical processes align with the latest PMBOK. Participants will prepare to successfully take the PMP® examination, attain their professional certification and put this knowledge to work in managing real projects.

Course Length: 5 Days (or 35 hours of instruction)

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Course Description

This course will provide you with the essential knowledge and testing skills to prepare you to pass PMP® exam.  The course focuses on three critical areas:

  • Understanding the Project Management Body of Knowledge
  • Understanding the Project Management Professional  Examination Specification
  • Understanding how to successfully study for the exam

The course content covers the Project Management Body of Knowledge but also covers a great deal of other knowledge that is identified as testable matters from the exam specification.  Much of this information comes from author’s specializing in Project Management (i.e. Kerzner, Verma, Pinto, Verzuh, Christenson, etc.) and is augmented with other critical knowledge from leading business professionals and the Canadian Management Consulting Association.  This course includes a variety of learning tools and study aids that are consistent with PMI® processes and terminology.

The course is designed using adult learning techniques that are sensitive to individual learning styles.  We use the three major learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic) for all lessons to promote learning in your preferred style.

This course promotes understanding over memorization.  Some memorization is highly recommended to adequately prepare for the exam but is limited to the essential information that is required for the exam and nothing more.

This course also coaches participants in effective test taking techniques in order that participants can make the best use of their testing time and not give up marks needlessly because of the test structure or format.