“The Masters Certificate in Project Management with Dr. Christenson was a game changer for me. Every class was relevant to my daily work and provided me with new knowledge and tools. This training has elevated my PM game where I am garnering improved stakeholder engagement, navigating change with clarity and delivery results like never before. Dale is a well experienced practitioner that brings real work knowledge into the classroom and presents it in an engaging format. Some of the best training ever!”

You were amazing Dale! I so enjoyed the workshop. You are dynamic but with an understated air that is charming. Most speakers (in this field) tend to be self-promoters and can be all flash…and no sizzle! You were the opposite. Funny, articulate, self-effacing, intelligent, and never boring. Money and time well-spent.

It is Saturday evening and I have been reflecting on the last three days. I think I have just experienced one of the most remarkable training experiences of my life. I want to say thank you. Thank you for the candor, gentle discipline, real life experience, humor, authenticity, energy, and teaching clarity that you brought to the three last days. As someone who taught at the university level for years, it was total delight, for me to be a student, and soak up your style..!

If I may step out of the box a bit, I can’t help but think, that perhaps, it all may be a blessing in disguise that you have moved out of public service, per se, at this point in time; despite how it happened. As a student it was a gift to have you so freely share and teach the way you have these last three days. I just want to say thank you to you for the opportunity to learn from your expertise and style. Not only from your deep experience as a public servant, but now, your experiences as a private practice consultant. What a remarkable gifting to us as students in the way you shared and taught so openly from your experiences and expertise.

Thank you… Dale. Take care… God bless…

I completed the Masters Certificate in Project Management at UNBC Continuing Studies with Dr. Dale Christenson and other instructors from PMCOE in the Spring of 2014. Dale and the other instructors were all extremely knowledgeable in their subject areas and presented the course material in a logical and organized manner. The course not only prepared me to successfully write the PMP exam, it also prepared me to apply this theory in my working life and become a more efficient employee.

“I worked the last 10 years as an executive in the private and public sector and I am not easily impressed. You did impress me and it will make a significant and real difference how my organization will manage projects. Thank you”.

“Dale makes learning project management fun!”

“This course had a lively pace and great use of various media and mix of exercises and lecture.”

“For a person who wants to get a foundation and be exposed to project management fundamentals, it is an excellent first step”.

“This course was very valuable to bring clarity to the project management process.  Dale Christenson presents the material in an intersting and enjoyable manner, for a maximum learning experience.”

“I would highly recommend this course to all managers.  Well presented with skill and enthusiasm.”

“I didn’t feel I could spare a whole day for this training; as it turned out, I couldn’t afford not to take this course.”

Dr. Christenson successfully combines his top-notch project management education (PhD in Project Management) with his world-class experiences as a project leader in government and private industry. Projects are about delivering results and that’s exactly what Dr. Christenson does for his clients.

Dale is an awesome presenter and facilitator! He has instructed for the Schulich Executive Education Centre, and numerous other university partners, for many years. His evaluations have never been short of excellent and he has won our Instructor Excellence Award every year he has been with us.