Core Management

Core Management


PMCOE Inc. provides a focused suite of training to help individuals and members of Change Management. PMCOE’s suite of training is integrated to ensure consistent messaging between all of our courses.

PMCOE Inc. courses are compliant with the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge 5th Edition. Our courses are also based on industry best practices and the academic research of Dr. Christenson, President and Founder of PMCOE Inc.


PMCOE Inc. subscribes to the Canadian Management Consulting and Project Management Institute’s code of ethics. We will ensure that we only provide you with the services for which we are qualified and only the services you require.

PMCOE Inc. combines the disciplines of project, program, portfolio and change management. We believe that project management and change management are inextricably linked and to practice one without the other significantly decreases the ability to achieve tangible benefits for your organization.

Community Of Practice

Every company, new or old, needs to be socially conscious. To this end, PMCOE Inc. wants to give back to the project management profession and local community by helping you connect with other like minded professionals.  To do this PMCOE supports a local community of practice (COP) in the Greater Victoria area.

Etienne Wagner (2002) defines that, “Communities of Practice” are groups of people who share a concern, a set of problems or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis.”   To learn more about Communities of Practice see Christenson and Walker’s (2006) journal article.

Event Management

PMCOE Inc. offers a full range of event management services for conferences, meetings, professional development workshops, training seminars and other special events.

PMCOE will manage your event from concept to completion. We will manage any event large or small using our deep project management expertise. This expertise will result in detailed planning and successful outcomes while significantly reducing your anxiety that your event objectives will be met.

As project and event management professionals, we have extensive experience with stakeholder management, communications, negotiations, and contract management. We are also skilled at identifying and attaining the right team members for your unique event.