PMCOE Inc. subscribes to the Canadian Management Consulting and Project Management Institute’s code of ethics.  We will ensure that we only provide you with the services for which we are qualified and only the services you require.

PMCOE Inc. combines the disciplines of project, program, portfolio and change management.  We believe that project management and change management are inextricably linked and to practice one without the other significantly decreases  the ability to achieve tangible benefits for your organization.

PMCOE Inc. provides a number of  advisory services and the most sought after are the following:

  • Solution Development

    Determining the need and appropriate business solutions (facilitating and developing strategic plans, developing portfolio management structures and systems, etc.).

  • Project Start-Up

    Assessing the appropriate tactical (best fit) approach to initiate a project (establishing project governance, developing project performance measures, etc.)

  • Assessment

    Plays a vital role in gathering the necessary information to optimize current project activities and to plan future projects (quality assurance reviews, project health checks, post implementation reviews, research, etc.)

  • Project Office Development

    Determining the right style and form of project office for various organizations (enterprise program offices, centers of excellence, strategic project support offices, etc.)

  • Project Recovery

    While prevention is always better than treatment , we will identify the critical problem(s) and create performance plans to get your projects back on track.

  • Coaching

    With executive sponsors, project manager(s) and teams to optimize project or program performance.


PMCOE provided timely, professional and value added services for a reasonable price.”

“PMCOE were the right people at the right time who quickly addressed our needs and delivered what they promised, when they promised”