PMCOE provides both curriculum development and course delivery to a wide variety of clients internationally.

Course Development

PMCOE has long used the ADDIE method of course development and received international recognition and awards in developing project management curriculum.

Course Delivery

PMCOE provides a wide array of project management courses (see a full list of the course offerings in Appendix A). We pride our delivery of current best practices with a mix of real life examples.  We do not only teach project management but all of our instructors also have very successful project management practices. We are current and relevant and enjoy an unrivaled average participant satisfaction rating of 97%!

PMCOE Inc. is a Registered Educational Provider to the Project Management Institute (No. 3919).

Training Courses

  • Project Management Fundamentals

    2 Days

    The Project Management Fundamentals course will introduce participants to project terms, concepts, processes and knowledge areas. This is an introductory course that enables new project managers and project team members to deliver successful projects on time, on budget and within scope while meeting stakeholder expectations.

  • PMP Exam Preparation Boot Camp

    5 Days

    This program provides participants with practical guidance in how projects are actually managed as well as explaining how these practical processes align with the latest PMBOK. Participants will be able to successfully take the PMP® examination (attaining their professional designation) and put this knowledge to work in managing real projects.

  • Project Management Fundamentals

    2 Days

    The Project Management Fundamentals course will introduce participants to project terms, concepts, processes and knowledge areas. This is an introductory course that enables new project managers and project team members to deliver successful projects on time, on budget and within scope while meeting stakeholder expectations.

  • Project Sponsor Essentials

    ½ day

    The Project Sponsor Essentials course will introduce sponsors to their role and accountabilities. Learn what your Project Manager should be doing and how you can support their critical role. This course also provides an overview of project management.

  • Project Communications Management

    3 Days

    The Project Communications Management course will introduce project practitioners to the art of communication. We tend to do a lot of talking but precious little communication. Communication to key stakeholders needs to be planned and purposeful. This course will provide basic concepts of communication but also explore non-verbal communication, listening skills, generational differences and presentation skills.

  • Project Change Management Essentials

    1 Day

    The Project Change Management Essentials course will introduce project practitioners to the specifics of project change management. Topics covered include change readiness, resiliency, resistance to change, risk impacts of change, etc.  This course will also provide tools and templates for participants to take away.

  • Project Leadership

    1 Day

    This workshop will explore the differences between project management and project leadership.  While most participants will be aware of project management skills, are they also aware of project leadership competencies?  Do they know when to use which one?  This workshop will also examine a number of key leadership issues including awareness, envisioning, trust and decision making.  This one day project leadership course will assist all participants to more effectively lead their teams to project success.

  • Project Buy-In

    1 Day

    In this course, you will learn specific skills to ensure meaningful interactions with team members, laying a strong foundation for developing team Buy-In. The ongoing engagement of stakeholders is critical to better project results.

  • Managing with Influence and without Authority

    1 Day

    This one day workshop is designed for those managers working within a matrix environment where they do not have control over the very resources that are essential to their project’s success. You will learn the critical factors of influence and practice applying these to typical project situations.

  • Stakeholder Management

    1 Day

    This one day workshop is consistent with PMI’s PMBOK version 5 and gives participants an easy but leading edge model to manage their stakeholders. This workshop will benefit anyone with multi, diverse or resistant stakeholders.  Topics such as base lining, mapping and engagement will be discussed and tools for their management used within an internationally recognized case study.

  • Project Management Team Building

    1 Day

    This workshop is designed for those managing or participating on a project team. You will learn how to identify the necessary project skills and how to select the right team members to meet this human resource requirement.  Participants will also gain an understanding of how to keep your team engaged and operating as a high performance team.

  • Stakeholder Negotiations

    1 Day

    Negotiations are constant within the project environment from Initiation to Close-out but it is seldom discussed in project management courses.  This workshop will introduce you to a simple negotiation model that you can use as a foundation for all negotiations whether they are simple or complex. Once the model is learned you will be given an opportunity to practice on a role based case study.

  • Project Risk Management

    1 to 2 Days

    This workshop will provide participants with the fundamentals of risk management from identification, assessment, response and evaluation. Participants will be introduced to a variety of risk methodologies including enterprise risk, Bow-Tie, ISO 27005, etc. Participants will also be introduced to other project risk types such as strategic, cultural and people (stakeholders, sponsors and teams) risks. Participants will also leave the course with treatments for the prevention and mitigation of these often neglected areas of risk.

  • Advanced Project Management Simulation

    2 Days

    This one or two day course practices the principles of project management in a rigorous simulation.  Successful project leaders need to integrate the science and art of project management. Teams encounter scope changes, communication breakdowns, unexpected stakeholder inputs and other realistic variables as they define, plan, execute, control and close out a project. This challenging, hands-on course builds confidence as it builds skills to take a project from inception to a successful completion, while producing deliverables and meeting deadlines every step of the way. You will be required to performance manage a project team and manage the project by the numbers.

  • Project Quality Management

    1 Day

    This workshop will provide participants with the necessary skills to create a total quality management environment and culture in their organisations.  In this workshop you will learn how to evaluate the meaning of process quality, gain awareness of the history of the Quality movement. Participants will also be introduced to Lean Principles and Six Sigma principles such as DAIMIC.  In addition, participants will also look at two methods of determining the Total Cost of Quality.

  • Project Procurement Management

    1 Day

    This workshop is designed to provide an overall understanding of contracting and procurement management from the Project Manager’s point of view.  You will learn how to identify which products and services should be bought and the steps of the process through contract close out.  Understand procurement fundamentals, procurement styles, contract fundamentals and the basics of contract law.  Know the benefits of centralized and decentralized procurement. Lastly, participants will leave with an understanding of current best practices and the risks associated with various styles of procurement.

  • Project Office Development

    1 Day

    The Project Office (PO) Development course explores the various types of project offices and creates awareness as to the best style to meet an organization’s culture and strategic objectives. Topics covered include: purpose and function, enabling governance, managing portfolios, optimizing resources, enhancing organizational change, measuring PO value, benefits realization and best practices.

  • Portfolio Management

    1 Day

    This workshop is designed for those managing or implementing portfolio management schemas in their organization.  You will learn of PMI`s 4 processes of Strategic Planning, aligning, monitoring and component processes.  These have been augmented with a balanced score card approach.  You will also learn of barriers to effective portfolio management and what one can do about these.  Participants will be given a tool kit to assist them with their portfolio management endeavors.

  • Project Management for Administrative Professionals

    2 Days

    Designed for administrative professionals, this course will provide participants with an overall understanding of project management including project terms, concepts, processes and knowledge areas.  Participants will learn the skills to support the planning, organizing and controlling of projects from conception to completion.

Other courses available upon request.

“I worked the last 10 years as an executive in the private and public sector and I am not easily impressed. You did impress me and it will make a significant and real difference how my organization will manage projects. Thank you”.

“Dale makes learning project management fun!”

“This course had a lively pace and great use of various media and mix of exercises and lecture.”

“For a person who wants to get a foundation and be exposed to project management fundamentals, it is an excellent first step”.

“This course was very valuable to bring clarity to the project management process. Dale Christenson presents the material in an intersting and enjoyable manner, for a maximum learning experience.”

“I would highly recommend this course to all managers. Well presented with skill and enthusiasm.”

“I didn’t feel I could spare a whole day for this training; as it turned out, I couldn’t afford not to take this course.”